6:23, 21.10.2016
Goldberg Violations
Violations 1&2 (work in progress – more Violations to follow…)
For this project I took the 1955 Glenn Gould recording of Bach’s Goldberg Variations, and re-composed it using pitch/time-shifting software which enables precise manipulations of individual notes within a recorded polyphonic audio file.
In addition to using the pitch/time-shifting functions, I also took advantage of a “selective delete” function, which allowed me to do things like muting notes played by Gould’s left hand, while leaving intact those played simultaneously by his right. The fact that I was dealing directly with a physical medium (sound) rather than with an abstracted representation of one (such as a notated score) made me constantly relate my compositional choices to such concrete aspects as Glenn Gould’s interpretation and touch, the sound characteristics of the recording, and even the accumulation of noticeable digital artifacts caused by my own manipulations and by the limitations of the software.
All of these immediate sound aspects are intrinsic to the project as much as the “classical” compositional choices regarding the shifting of pitches and rhythms.

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