I dont understand whats going on here
17:21, 11.08.2014
I dont understand whats going on here 

< i dont understand whats going on here – mix by tale twist >  

 <<< tracklist >>>    

1. maldoror – the conqueror worm  

2. andrea perkins – 199_ii  

3. Bureau of Nonstandards – Untitled_1  

4. Floating Concrete Orchestra – 118 Polynoise (excerpt)  

5. syphilis sauna – hallway  

6. himuro – copy of copy  

7. marcus alessi bittencourt – rabo de arraia  

8. Songraphie – Saucers Race  

9. jon hopkins – colour eye  

10. jon hopkins – small memory  

11. Smallbox – Paradigm (Photophob RMX)  

12. cylob – sanq (autechre rmx)  

13. ^#Sicko#^ – %  

14. DEVNULL – track 2  

15. raxyor – Scorched Solemn V  

16. Mr. Bungle – Ars Moriendi  

17. john erik kaada and mike patton – labsent  

remixed using traktor djpro (no cuts)  www.myspace.com/taletwist  12/09/2009   –  tale twist is an experimentation with sounds basically, that one might say turns into music. after finishing my degree in graphic design and art direction, living in manchester, england for 4 years, i came across the mighty john peel show on bbc’ s radio one and from that point on i believe my life has never being the same……. he started it all, really. i mean that show was extremelly rich, he used to play tunes from all over the globe, the pig pigs 78 was just class….i loved that part of the show…..but any how…..i still got all the tapes i recorded from those lonely nights…..  moving on i started off having an urge to make electronic music. i used to be a headbanger and i used to play guitar in a heavy metal band called “sanatariun” and since then i tryed to make music that was like two or three styles in one, like a mix within a song, therefore i normally try to create something that actually celebrate the diversity of styles and genres. that’ s my intention any way. composers like john cage and the movement called serialism and fluxus, inspired me to create music, and art in general. influenced by the notion of ‘chance’, instead of following some sort of tone or sequential narrative. i try to create ramdom sequences and unexpected turns and twists to my creations…..  i believe i’ ve got a lot to do and eventhough i haven’ t got all the gear and shit musicians normally have, I’VE GOT a lot of MOTIVATION AND PASSION. i try to make the most of what i (dont)have and the most important have fun throught the process. i’ ve been learning how to live with desapointments and stand up after each fall, but i believe i am on the right track now and it’ s going to be great living from now on.  i have been a ‘budhist’ for a while and those teachings have actually helped me to cope with all the shit i have come across recently. without it i probably would be in a mental hospital by now. most of the time people try to make me misarable and control me somehow, but they might take my material stuff but they will never take my freedom and the real freedom lays in my mind, in my heart, in my imagination…..  i have also been doing some work in video and i normally use the same idea to create my videos as well. i have always been inspired by the works of nan june paik and some early filmmakers that actually started it all, using the compositions to express an idea, instead of just adding effects to make it look good. lev manovich is a great font of inspiration and a resourse to people who want to learn more about media and what has been happening with the new media art. i am also deeply inspired by the works of david lynch, roman polansky (rosemary’s baby) and others directors like james mangold (identity), Park Chan-wook (oldboy), Darren Aronofsky (requiem for a dream), lock stock and two smoking barrels is funny as fuck and there’s a little story behind that movie…..i lived in amsterdam for 6 months and i was in a house where there was a tv without reception. but there was a vcr and some movies and one of them was that one and i used to smoke that lovelly skunk and piss myself laughing and i watched that movie over and over again and i will always remmenber that time when i almost starved to death trying to get a job there, but anyway……American Beauty (Sam Mendes) is one of my favourites, the end is just extremelly beautifull, tragic but very creative, when the guy finally finds happiness he gets shot and die, i mean that idea is sick really…., Babel, Amores Perros (Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu), Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind (Michel Gondry), Planet Terror (Robert Rodriguez), and all those twisted heads out there…..keep up 🙂    

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