FMA Collection Mix 12
6:37, 03.08.2014
FMA Collection Mix 12 


Animals Men – Driving Stupid,  

Blues Control – Mashpotato,  

Carsick Cars – Panda,  

Eet – Ceratothoa,  

Grass Widow – Lulus Lips,  

Javelin – On_It_On_It – live on the dublab decade proton drive,  

Just Plain Ant – The New Black Sampler,  

Marion Harris – Im a Jazz Vampire,  

music no curator Heat Wilson New Pussy Heat Wilson – new pussy II,  

music no curator Horse Boys Horse Boys II Horse Boys – EXCERPT,  

music Oddio Overplay Lanark My Russian Bride Lanark – Sofia,  

music WFMU Anti-Pop Consortium APC Live at ATP-NY 2009 on WFMU Anti-Pop Consortium – Reflections live at ATP-NY 09 on WFMU,  

music WFMU Dorian Concept Seek When Is Her Dorian Concept – Water Thank You,  

music WFMU Dub Terminator Watch Your Dubstep – EP Dub Terminator – Dub steps,  

music WFMU quarta330 MOZX-EP quarta330 – ASUTATA50,  

Raphael_Saadiq – Big Easy Live KEXP,  

Starscream – Keplers Star Catalog,  

Roan Stars – Suck my kiss Gorman,  

Steven Arntson – Life on the Odyssean Wave,  

Talk Normal – Hot Song,  

The J Arthur Keenes Band – Catfish Lagoon,  

UtabiHally – GENOCIDE,  

Volatil – El Muerto Epic rework.


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30 Days

Vancouver-based Peppermill Records is not your typical record label. First off, they’re a net-label…


Dj C_dr_C playing DA Beats!

Ghost Moth - 1111 the Duality and the Hidden Third

My Castle of Quiet  ————-  Ghost Moth Haunt the Castle; Live Session 11th November 2009  —————–  When you’re already in a dance with noise and free improvisation, the Kosmische is less than one membranous step away.