Intelligent Toys - We Make Music Part 1
7:09, 01.06.2014
Intelligent Toys - We Make Music Part 1 

Compilation by subjective IDM e-zine and a popular net label from Lithuania, Sutemos.

Daniel Blomqvist – At The KlinikAGF/

Delay – Break Doors

Jimmy Edgar – One Twenty Detail V3

Michael Fakesch – Take Your Fingers

Ontayso – When Will We Ever Learn

Feldmaus – Put On A Magical Hood (Passage Version)

Daniel Blomqvist – Kebab Dreams

Wols – Subland Hike

New Found Land – Sekssnee

Neotnas – Slot

Sleepy Town Manufacture – Sea Sickness

Jan Jelinek – Synthsil2

Neotnas – Milan

Giriu Dvasios – Prosvaiste

Feldmaus – The Sky Turned (Feat. Imachi Akira)

Neotnas – Kai

Krill.Minima Und Dino Puschel – What’s The Use

Ten and Tracer – Fifth Lake And Screams

Halogen – Not The Remix

Soulsonic – No

Leon Somov Feat. Jazzu – Print

Broken Chord – Circuit Iar-

Monokle – Friday

Zulusas – Glimmer-

Amorph – Far Away

EU – Snitch

ENV(itre) – Naesd

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