Radio Concrete 04
רדיו קונקריט 04
16:29, 13.08.2017

Radio Concrete 04 רדיו קונקריט 04

With Guest – Daniel Meir

Radio concrete is an ongoing experimental project which deals with music concrete together with radio broadcasting.
It is an exaggerated personal interpretation of sounds we are exposed to every day in the public and domestic spheres, often in passing or involuntarily. 
The live show is based on field recordings, environmental noise, synthesized radio clips, advertisements and other sources.
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30 Days

Vancouver-based Peppermill Records is not your typical record label. First off, they’re a net-label…


Dj C_dr_C playing DA Beats!

Ghost Moth - 1111 the Duality and the Hidden Third

My Castle of Quiet  ————-  Ghost Moth Haunt the Castle; Live Session 11th November 2009  —————–  When you’re already in a dance with noise and free improvisation, the Kosmische is less than one membranous step away.