The Unbearable Lightness of Coherency 30-1-2016
הקלות הבלתי נסבלת של הקוהרנטיות 30-1-2016
14:24, 23.02.2016

The Unbearable Lightness of Coherency 30-1-2016  הקלות הבלתי נסבלת של הקוהרנטיות 30-1-2016


“The Unbearable Lightness of Coherency” 
Live@ HaTeiva, 30.1.16. 
Curator: Dganit Elyakim
Recording: Ronald Boersen


Odeya Nini – a solo voice

Performanec: Odeya Nini

Evolving over the last three years, A Solo Voice by Odeya Nini is an investigation of extended vocal techniques, resonance and pure expression, exploring the relationship between mind and body and the various landscapes it can yield. The work is a series of malleable compositions and improvisations that include field recordings and theatrical elements, aiming to dissociate the voice from its traditional attributes and create a new logic of song that is not only heard but seen through movement. Through multi-dimensionality that serves to both provoke and soothe in abstract communication, the voice is presented in its spectrum of natures as it travels through cultures, ages, emotions and colors, like photographs, with tender intimacy and bold aberrance.

Alen Ilijic – Red Faces

Composition, performance: Alen Ilijic

Anat Pick- Song Cycle By Hugo Ball

Composed and performed by Anat Pick
Text: Hugo Ball
An original composition to Hugo Ball’s song cycle that was premiered in Cabaret Voltaire in Zürich, 1916. The text relates to witchcraft in a Pseudo-African language

אודיה ניני- קול סולו

הלחנה וביצוע: אודיה ניני

אלן יילייץ – פנים אדומות

קומפוזיציה, ביצוע: אלן יילייץ

ענת פיק – מחזור שירים מאת הוגו באל

הלחנה וביצוע: ענת פיק
טקסט: הוגו באל

הלחנה מקורית למחזור השירים אשר הועלו לראשונה בקברט וולטייר, ציריך, 1916 ומתעסקים בכישוף בשפה פסאודו אפריקנית





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30 Days

Vancouver-based Peppermill Records is not your typical record label. First off, they’re a net-label…


Dj C_dr_C playing DA Beats!

Ghost Moth - 1111 the Duality and the Hidden Third

My Castle of Quiet  ————-  Ghost Moth Haunt the Castle; Live Session 11th November 2009  —————–  When you’re already in a dance with noise and free improvisation, the Kosmische is less than one membranous step away.