KK NULL live at Levontin 7
16:56, 14.10.2015

Live from Levontin 7 (TLV) on Halas



KK Null or Kazuyuki Kishino was born in Tokyo in 1961 and started his music carrier already in early 1980s. He still actively travels the world as guitarist, electronic and noise musician, singer and composer. KK Null has issued more than 100 albums and played more than 600 concerts, including collaborations with such artists as John Zorn, Steve Albini, Otomo Yoshihide, Boredoms, Merzbow, Fred Frith, Keiji Haino, Jon Rose, and many others.

KK Null opens the Japanese concerts line-up of Auris Media. The next event, already in November 2015, will feature the famous sax player Kazutoki Umezu, and the next year is planned to present in Israel Otomo Yoshihide and many more

One half of the cult noise-prog-rock duo ZENI GEVA, Japanese improviser and multi instrumentalist, experimental noise musician KK Null will perform on 14th of October at Levontin 7 club. 

After his solo set he will collaborate with Israeli musicians Igor Krutogolov and Ram Gabay

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