None of This – Cosmic Tribute

Anechoic Transmissions

17:34, 20.10.2015
None of this

None of this – Haunted Chariots

In this short set, DJ and producer None of This, now based in Sydney,
Australia, showcases his style in a blast of warm and infectiously
groovy Chicago house and Detroit techno tracks (with a bit of extra
spice). This short and energetic set won’t leave you sitting, so turn up
the bass and let the music do the rest!

Haunted Chariots

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06:18, 14.10.2014
Takanori Kawaharada and Mirai Moriyama


Photo: Gadi Dagon


I shiver in the cold, and tremble from fever.

I tremble from joy, anger, sorrow, despair, excitement, jealousy, tension, and shaking with excitement.

The earth tremble, and it affects to small things as well as in large scale. Sometimes the ground are torn in an instant.
Sometimes the earth is raised to wavy, and the ground is separated when I realize. Also an invisible small distortion occurs .

However such a slight vibration affects something and is able to rise things, but it is possible to disrupt everything eventually.

Where this quake comes from.

Is it creeping up from the bottom of the earth?
Or does the cells of the human body shout something?
In any case, the moment it occurs, it can not be predicted to anyone who encounters it. However, people live life by experiencing each days (quakes.)

I can never predict what affect your mind or how you tremble by this performance.
This looks even hated, but also to love.
The “HIBI”(crack) that is engraved in your body through experiencing this performance might affect your life even in small scale.

We can never know if it is for the better or not . Anyhow we are going to live with such a “HIBI”. 

None of this - Haunted Chariots

Anechoic Transmissions

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