To the Limit of 10

Adam Weisser dazzles with yet another spectacular mashup set, this time taking the style to an almost experimental extreme. Starting off with no less than 4 tracks within the first 4 minutes of music, this is truly a style of its own in the making. So either sit back or let loose, and enjoy as history in the making transpires before your very ears! 

Disorganized Stuck Acrylic Dancing Girl

 Adam Weisser in his fastest mix yet, takes us on another journey through some heavy American Techno and House sounds. ADW’s unique style of mashup is surely the future of DJ mixing, and we literally cannot stop dancing since we’ve first heard it. Halas Radio is nothing short of honored to share this news with the world! 

58 Tributary, 93 Danceable, 102 Non-Rockn Roll

Anechoic Transmissions

Yet another superb house mashup set from the working-table of the mysterious

Let the Clouds Take Control

Adam Weisser, in his 7th exclusive set for plays some more House goodies for us all – You can only be dazzled with the amount of complete tracks he beautifully stacks into less than 50 minutes! – Featuring those famous Chicago/Detroit sounds coupled with the usual ADW unusuals

30 Days

Vancouver-based Peppermill Records is not your typical record label. First off, they’re a net-label…


Dj C_dr_C playing DA Beats!

Ghost Moth - 1111 the Duality and the Hidden Third

My Castle of Quiet  ————-  Ghost Moth Haunt the Castle; Live Session 11th November 2009  —————–  When you’re already in a dance with noise and free improvisation, the Kosmische is less than one membranous step away.