6:49, 25.10.2014
Ran Slavin

A postmodern adaptation for stage and video based on Aristophane’s play

by Emanuella Amichai and Ran Slavin
Director and choreographer: Emanuella Amichai
Video director and post production: Ran Slavin
Aristophanes play tells the story of Lysistrata and the women of Greece who went on a sex-strike against their men until they ended the Peloponnesian War. In Lysistrata/X we find ourselves in a futuristic world, following the Lysistratian Revolution which didn’t end with the peace treaty, in fact it developed and grew ever more extreme. The world is now ruled entirely by women, men are of only functional use.

At the head of the new revolution stands Lysistrata/X, a distant echo of the original gender-warrior, who has evolved into a hybrid technological form. The women who live in this technologically controlled world, structure their lives through futuristic as well as pagan rites. They practice ancient female traditions alongside their new female rites.
Yet even in this dystopian reality there still exists the battle of the individual against the collective consciousness and her attempt to maintain freedom and independent thinking…
director & choreographer – Emanuella Amichai
video director and post production – Ran Slavin
dramaturgy – Emanuella Amichai & Nitzan Cohen
sound design – Ran Slavin
sound concept – Emanuella Amichai & Ran Slavin
set Design – Ran Slavin
producer & light design – Ofer Lachish
props- Micol Pietra
costume design – Roni Yaniv
performers –
Gina Ben David
Shani Ben Haim
Yishay Ben Moshe
Meirav Elchadef
Olga Kourkouline
Barn owl footage by Sam and Simon
The performance is produced by the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation in cooperation with the Department of Theatre Studies of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem

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