This what happens when you play with electricity
זה מה שקורה כשמשחקים בחשמל
Occupied Territories

Musica Nova – The Silence Barrier

At Hateiva, Jaffa, 

שטחים כבושים
30 spokes

Musica Nova – The Silence Barrier

for four celli recorded onto four audio cassettes. 

שלושים חישורים

4צ׳לים מוקלטים לקלטות אודיו.


30 Days

Vancouver-based Peppermill Records is not your typical record label. First off, they’re a net-label…


Dj C_dr_C playing DA Beats!

Ghost Moth - 1111 the Duality and the Hidden Third

My Castle of Quiet  ————-  Ghost Moth Haunt the Castle; Live Session 11th November 2009  —————–  When you’re already in a dance with noise and free improvisation, the Kosmische is less than one membranous step away.